Y163 Tma01

Part A
· Introduction
Write a few sentences to detail and describe the question and how I am going to approach the question.
· Main Body
Detail and explain each of the specific points/questions raised and give relevant evidence.
· Conclusion
Brief summarisation of all the points raised.
· References
· Word Count

Part B

How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us to improve our memory
Psychologists have found that organisation of our memory can lead to improving it.
I will approach the above question in sections, breaking it down and giving you an understanding on each point raised, how each in turn help to organise out thinking and providing evidence to support my explanations.
Cognitive Psychology is the area in which psychologists study thinking, mental processes, learning and memory. There are three ways of thinking, Semantic – thinking based on words and meaning, Iconic – mental images and lastly Enactive – impressions of actions.
The area I am going to explore is memory and how mental images, concepts and schemas are all ways we can help to improve our memory as it will help us to store, recall and keep information.
Firstly let’s look at mental images, our thinking is mostly in words, this is called a semantic thought. When we use a word we usually form an image in our mind, which helps us to recall that word. An example of this can be at a bingo hall, where the caller may shout out “two fat ladies” meaning the number 88, the image of two round ladies can help recall the number.
To support this theory Michael Raugh and Richard Atkinson (1975) carried out experiments out on two groups. The technique was called “keyword”. They asked all participants to learn a list of 60 Spanish words but only half were taught the “keyword” technique. When later tested an average of 88 per cent of participants using the “keyword” as opposed to only 28 per cent for those that...
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