Y163 - Tma01

Essay Plan:
importance of memory – we learn from experiences, from previous memories (using words (semantic), pictures (iconic) and enactive (sequences of actions))
so, if we learn so much from the past, in what ways can we improve our memory? How can our thinking be organised to improve our recall?

Methods of improving memory:
using mental images
key words – Raugh & Atkinson (1975)
using concepts
grouping/categorising words – Bousfield (1953)
using schemas
“washing clothes” - Bransford & Johnson (1972)

the three methods of improving memory have been shown to involve the following:
creating mental images of the items we wish to recall
using concepts which group items such that by association we can remember them
by using a schema which involves how we, over time, build up a framework of feelings, sights and sounds which we can apply to a present scenario which allow us to act and react appropriately to.

How can ways in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

Memory is an important part of our being. For example, we learn from our experiences and from our previous memories. Research has shown that there are 3 basic types of memory; semantic (of facts), episodic (of personal events) and procedural (of how to do things).   Similarly thoughts can also be broken down into 3 ways of thinking; semantic (words and meaning), iconic (mental pictures) and enactive (thoughts involving actions which appear to be embedded in our muscles, like riding a bike).
With these items in mind, researchers have discovered that there are 3 main ways in which we can better our memory, namely by using mental images, concepts and finally schemas. Each of these methods will be described below.
Firstly we will discuss the use of mental images. It has been discovered that despite adult thought being mostly performed using words (semantic) we can remember information more...