Y163 - Tma01

How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us to improve our memory?

Task 1:

Everybody would like to improve their memory. If we could, our lives could be improved. I’m going to look at three ways in which we can help to improve our memory/ make our memory work in a better way.

As adults we tend to use our semantic memory, which is our memory of facts.   We can use words to help us remember things, however there is a more efficient way. It has been proven that by using mental images as visual prompts, we remember things more clearly. By using mental images we can make learning things a whole lot easier, for example, when trying to remember a shopping list. For it to work, you associate the words you want to remember with a mental image, so for a shopping list you could picture all the items on your shopping list in your house. Your sofa could be a loaf of bread, the TV could be a cereal box and the TV remote control could be a big bar of chocolate. All you would have to do is picture yourself sitting down on the loaf of bread and using the bar of chocolate to turn the box of cereals on.   This method seems to be really easy to do and research it works! You could use it for more complicated tasks, like when revising for an exam or even if someone asks you directions to somewhere, you could picture the route in your head and give them the directions.

There is another similar way to remember things called the key word technique.
Michael Raugh and Richard Atkinson (1975) created the key word technique and carried out and experiment to see if it worked.   They had two groups of participants: group 1 were taught the key word technique – the experimental group. Group 2 weren’t – the control group. When the participants were tested, the experimental group scored an average of 88% whereas the control group scored an average of about 28%. This showed that using the key word technique helps you to remember...