Xacc Checkpoint Week 7

If I were an accountant I would want to work in either a public or not-for-profit business sector. As an accountant in a public business sector I will be able to straddle the fence between helping the public and assisting the government. I will be able to help the public by working the finances of the government and making sure that the funds being ran through the government (mostly taxpayers money) is being spent the way it is meant. Also, a good accountant working for the government can be responsible for keeping track of and saving may dollars through thorough bookkeeping. Becoming an accountant for a not-for-profit organization seems to be very rewarding. Being responsible for the funds that generous people donate for a good cause and having the ability to see if the monies are being distributed, as they should be, is extremely satisfying. Not- for-profit organizations serve an important part of a compassionate world and I would love to be directly involved; in one of the most important and biggest ways.

    I would love to work for the “FEED THE CHILDREN” foundation, which is in the not-for profit- business sector. This organization seems to be the real deal and they are doing such a great deed. This organization provides children in third world countries with food for feeding, medical care for the sick and education to the less fortunate. The founders do not just collect money from people and have know idea where it is going, they personally go to these places and experience the pain and suffering of the people they provide for. I think that it would be great to aid in such an important journey as an accountant in a organization that is solely dependant o the funds being donated. This will mean that not only will my responsibility be great, it will be very important and rewarding.