Checkpoint Week 4; Information Systems Department

The Information Systems Department

Vanessa Ward-Scott

This department relies heavily on the use of technology. The information systems available to this department make it possible for the important data related to the finances of the company to be recorded for future or current use. Programs like QuickBooks and Excel are commonly used and employers look for people with these skills because not everyone knows how to operate these programs. Information and data is the driving force behind this department. If it was not for the internet, the amounts of transactions that can be processed are significantly lower not just within our country but also on a worldwide level. The internet has changed the way the world does business and with whom it is able to do business with. The accounting department can use these systems to track business activities or they can be used to hypothesize what future revenues may be. They are also responsible for analysis of performance variances, cost to run, operate, and produce the goods or services within the company and where the funds will go. Also this department is responsible for auditing which is a lot more complicated without the technology that is available today. If the accounting department had to do all of their work in the paper form, it would take a lot longer and probably require a lot more people to perform the required tasks. It also could be less accurate than when technology is used.
Information technology plays an important role in the marketing world. The role of the marketing department is to advertise as effectively as possible for the company. With IT the people who work in this department are able to develop new goods and services. They are also able to determine the best place to set up production and distribution sites, as well as determining what the product prices need to be to produce the highest revenue possible. According to Talvinen (1995) “Managing...