Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait
By Brian C. Washington

You might say that I'm a "connoisseur" of beautiful women since I'm always on the lookout for those special women that just "catch your eye" when they walk by. Well, one of those women currently works on the same floor as I do; her name is Julie. Julie is in her mid 40's, has beautiful, mocha colored skin, large firm breasts, dark tantalizing eyes, and a firm, toned body that makes her look much younger. I've know Julie for a long time and I always thought that she was beautiful, but in the past, she always worked for some "executive", which made it very difficult to talk with her.

Julie recently went through some major life changes, divorce, and her daughter moving away to college and a new position at work. The new job also brought this mocha skinned goddess to my floor and now I see her walk by my office all of the time. One day we bumped into each other in the hallway and began chatting. We were both very surprised when we realized that we lived in the same neighborhood. A common bond was immediately established and we began to talk more and more. Julie would stop by the office and provide her "reviews" of the latest movies that she'd seen and we would talk and laugh, it was great!

I began to send Julie emails. Very innocent at first, but I slowly began to throw in a few subtle hints that I was attracted to her. Lately each email that we exchanged seemed to raise the stakes a little higher. It didn't' take Julie long to realize that I had been interested in her for a very long time. I kept asking her to have lunch with me but she was reluctant since she knew I was married. After a few weeks of my constant prodding, Julie finally agreed to go to lunch with me.

On the day of the big lunch I didn't see Julie all morning since I was very busy. As lunchtime rolled around I heard a gentle rapping at my door and I looked up to see Julie standing in my doorway. She had on a tight black shirt that accented her large...