Superheroes in the Movies

Having watched Wolverine nearly ripped to shreds, Batman die, the Avengers nearly disassemble due to pay issues and the Man of Steel become a killer, Louis Turfrey gives his thoughts on which movie was the best of the Superhero movies he has seen this year. This might take a while.
I am a great lover of heroes, whether they are TV, Comic or Movie based. This has the unfortunate effect of making me super critical of all the superhero movies that have graced our screens so far this year. I have probably missed a few, so I will only take it upon myself to share my limited opinion laden views on those that I have actually watched.
The Dark Knight Rises
A good movie, but not the best of the three latest Batman movies that have hit the screens over the last decade. My favourite was the The Dark Knight. It had just the right amount of gadgets, story, character driven moments and of course – The Joker. In comparison, although The Dark Knight Rises hits hard, it doesn’t quite make it to the top of my list this year. There just isn’t enough of the dark side of the Dark Knight, and I am afraid that although I am a fan of Nolan’s interpretation of the Batman myths, I did not like his version of Bane. Tom Hardy makes a good Bane, but the back history of the character is what causes my brain to itch in frustration, as does Hardy’s voice through that mask. It always seems slightly muffled and although it’s true to life, it doesn’t breathe a high enough fear into the character.
Maybe James Earl Jones would have done a better job?
In my opinion though, Anne Hathaway is the best Catwoman ever, despite my initial reservations. She has just enough of the bad girl mixed into her character. You can see her need to clean up her act and run away from her past.
Three additional characters shine in this movie. Blake, the police detective that may or may not be Robin / Nightwing, is an interesting character. A shame we never see him reach his full potential, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt...