Alexandra Burke X Factor 08 – Interview

AB = Alexandra Burke

AB: 1. My names is Alexandra.   I’m 19.   I’m from London and I’m at the
      2. London auditions.   It went extremely well.   It was a long day but it’s 3. well worth the wait man.   I got 4 yes’s er it was just amazin’ absolutely 4. amazin’.

      5. I was in X factor in 2005, I made it to the judges houses and then I got 6. the li’l boot out erm coz Louis thought I wasn’t ready for the show.   It 7. was just er too emotional for me.   At 16, just finished GCSEs and now 8. I’m in Louis’ pad - in Dublin, d’yer know what I mean?   It was it was 9. – it was excitin’ at times and really terrifyin’ at times.

      10. I’m grown.   I’m a young lady now.   I’m not a child anymore and erm 11. I’m more determined than ever and I’m ready for this – you know.   I’m 12. not only doing this for myself, for my family or for the ones that erm 13. have passed away sadly, but I’m doing this for everyone that’s got a 14. dream.

      15. I was so excited right now but at boot camp I’m probably gonna be – 16. ten times more nervous.

      17. Cuz I live, eat, breathe, sing and there’s noffin else I wanna do or I see 18. myself doin’ I can get knocked for a while but then I’ll just pick myself 19. up again – you know.   I have to pick myself back up because - this the 20. only way I can earn my living, I can be happy.   It’s the only thing that 21. makes me happy is to sing.   And most of the time, I mean I’m right in, 22. I’m in the studio. I’m being creative so - that’s just me.   It’s who I am.   23. I am what you see is what you get really.