World War Ii

World War II Era Paper

Steven G. Staples Jr.

World War II is believed to have begun in September 1939 and lasted until September 1945.   Because more than 50 countries participated in the war its affects were felt throughout the world.   There were considered to be two sides during World War II, the Axis and the Allied Powers.   The Allies primarily included the United States, France, Great Britain and forty-seven other countries that sided with them.   In fact every country in both Americas eventually declared war on the Axis side even though by declaring war only Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the U.S. were capable of providing military forces.   During the War the head representatives of the governments of China, The Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States were known as the “Big Four”.   The Big Four worked together in discussion several times throughout war.   Perhaps the most notable was the broad and strategic outline of how to defeat the Axis side discussed by President Roosevelt of the U.S. and the Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill on behalf of the Allies.   The Axis side primarily included Germany, Japan, and Italy.  

Japan was the reason that the United States got involved in the war due to Japans attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 forcing the U.S. to join Allied Forces.   Once the U.S. had declared war on the axis along with most of the world, they proposed a joint effort and agreed to concentrate on defeating Germany first.   The Allies considered Germany to be the strongest out of the Axis side as well as closer and easier to access.   In fact, even though the allied and axis countries covered the globe worldwide, 62 million allied men and women were called to duty while the axis side had considerably less personnel, almost half that number.   Germany, led by Adolf Hitler had a plan to build a powerful empire by conquering territory to their east and west, conquer France, conquer the Soviet Union,   and impose Hitler’s European New...