World War I and World War Ii

Running head:   The Founding of the New World and WWI and WWII

The Founding of the New World
  Amanda Jones
Bethel University

In this paper you will read about the finding of the New World was by mistake and information about World War I and World War II. Both Wars were called the Total Wars.   A total war is a war fought on all fronts. It has full support of the country and everyone is involved helping towards the war effort.   The two wars are and always will be remembered by many.

When the new world was first founded, Christopher Columbus found that there were inhabitants on the new land and he dubbed them the name Indians. He gave them this name because he was in search for India but, instead of heading east from England he went west from England and founded a new land. Much as such as the word American began to form throughout the formation of the new colonies. The word American can be taken literally and used as a sense of freedom.
Being taken literally the word American can be broken down into two parts. The first part America referred to the place that people settled in the new world. The second Part refers to a person, place, or thing that can be referred to their geographical location. This was a very important part of the new colonies because since they have declared independence they needed a new name for themselves besides Europeans. They put together the term America and the term –and to describe themselves as their own people. In Mary Rowlandson’s personal narrative it is very evident that the word American hasn’t even crossed the minds of the colonists. The colonists still considered themselves very much European. It is very evident that the future settlers were not interested in settling down in this new land but to trade with the natives so they become wealthier in England. These people did not want to, or it wasn’t on their mind at the time, to settle down and begin to think about freedom.
It is expressed...