World View Travel

World View Travel, Inc
  1. How would I describe World View Travel? What kind of agency is it?
  2. What kind of an image do I feel this agency has?
  3. What do I consider to be the primary strengths and weaknesses of this agency?
  4. What are the primary target markets for World View in the next year?
  5. Which of the four marketing Ps have contributed directly to the success of World View?
  6. Which of the following general strategies should World View employ: sell out, retrench, do nothing/status quo, or planned growth?
  7. If you believe World View Travel should adopt a marketing plan for continued growth, which strategy or strategies should the agency employ?

After reading this article I would describe the World View Travel, Inc as much as successful startup, competitive and growth agency. It recorded over $100,000 to $500,000 in billings within 10 years. I can also say that it is still in its growth stage near future. Rene had come up with a great idea of calling up every company and asking for their travel business and building customer relationship management in travel industry. It provides service mixture such as commercial, group and individual which are approximately 56 percent of commercial and 44 percent of others.  
However, it did the most of the travel business which is a mixture of small and medium size companies, so I say it is pretty much commercial agency and it depends on a few large-size customers for most of its business.

When I see World View Travel I feel world adventure, family fun and enjoyable already and it seems to have a perfect image along with its most impressive name between other companies competes in the city. It provides professional service and all other details, it is a perfect combination. Also, Rene has done a good job taking care of her clients by calling them and having a good relationship with them.

I consider being the primary strengths of this agency; World View image as a good image...