Multidimensional World

This essay is targeted for 3D living humans

Right now you take for granted that you are living in the moment, and what have happened in the past, never can be undone. You think you live in the present. This is perfectly true for us 3D living creatures! But scientists and mathematicians have found out that our world (call it dimension) is only one of more dimensions, and that means that we are probably living in at least eleven dimensions at the same timeā€¦   On top of this; the higher dimension, the verier conception of the cosmos. Is this possible or just nonsense? Something that scientists investigate because of lack of other ideas? Hold on, we are going to get deeper into these questions in this essay.
          Imagine the 2D world as a shadow on a table. The shape of the shadow comes from a light source shining upon a 3D object in the air, the 2D shadow then only reflects 2 of this 3-dimension object on the table (Rob Bryanton). Presume that there is a ball upon the table, which the shadow passes, and the shadow will get affected of course, because the shadow is bent around the ball. In the 2D world this appears as the shadow grows without reason. Now try to visualize something very illogical at this point: assume that the shadow had eyes; it would see the ball like a line from the side (it is impossible to see a shadow on a table if your view is horizontal with the table). As the shadow from the 3D object passes the real 3D object, a ball etc., the shadow now has a bigger area in the 3D. A 2D object understands the world as 1D, as we (3D objects) understand the world in 2D. I am going to explain this clearer in the next paragraph.
          It is a lot easier to imagine the 3D world because it is the one we live in. But we have to pay special attention to one statement: we are humans and interpret the world by our sins. By our eyes we see the world. Actually we do not see the world in 3D as we think; we perceive it in 2D (Ronald E. Smith 1)(Michael W....