My Concept of a 'World View', Beliefs and Attitudes,

My concept of a 'world view', beliefs and attitudes,
particularly to education and how my worldview has been shaped.
By Donna Reberger

During this essay I will highlight my beliefs and attitudes that have shaped my concept of a ‘world view’, particularly focussing on my education and learning. I also intend to reflect on what I believe constitutes a world view and how my idea of a world view has been shaped by factors within my life. I will utilise papers written by Julia Hobson (1996); Larry Samovar and Richard Porter (2004) and university text by Marshall and Rowland (2006).

It is my opinion that an individual’s core belief of a world view is developed by their family, community and national identity; this is primarily shaped through an individual’s experiences and relationships from their everyday life and may be impacted by their education and social interactions. An individual’s idea of personal identity directly shapes the person they become and it is this understanding that influences a person’s concept of world view.

To me a world view is not only how I see the world as a whole, but also how I perceive myself within it. The old saying ‘the world is my oyster’ rings loud and clear to me, I believe that no matter who you are or where you are from in this world, we all have the same opportunities, however within some societies and cultures individuals are restricted from certain undertakings. Be this because of gender, religion, cultural, political reasoning, family hierarchy and beliefs. This is one view that I do not agree with, I believe everyone should be able to develop their own personality and opinions. Whilst there are many people in this world whose views I do not agree with, I understand that they have developed these beliefs through their own upbringing, and everyone is entitled to their own outlook.   How I live my life every day, my values, working hard, being loyal and honest in my interactions with others sets my significance within...