World Religion

Religions shape the life of many around the world the belief of a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny is the purpose of religion. The outline of the following report is a comparison and contrast between the Islam and Christian religion. An interview has been conducted with a person of the Islam faith to put light on the beliefs of the Islam religion.
The Islam religion is a monotheism belief that there is one God and that a man named Muhammad was his messenger. Islam is one of the three major monotheism religions in the world Judaism, Christian and Islam. Muhammad was a prophet that was born about 570ce and was the last prophet that came to restore the true religion (Fisher, 2005). The Islam religion is one-fifth of the people in the world and is a major world religion. The creed of the Islam is “There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his messenger”.   Understanding the beliefs and history of the Islam religion help people form a non-biased informative view of the Islam religion.
Before the surface of Muhammad Muslims were worshipping statues. Muhammad enlightened people by informing then that he was sent from God and that is who they should worship. He told stories and preached ways that his followers could serve the one God. Muslims follow the modal of Muhammad as a guide of how they should act.
Allah is the name for God in the Islam faith and is the focus in the Islam faith not Muhammad (Fisher, 2005).   The life of Muhammad is important to Muslims, Muhammad character is considered a model foe the teachings in the Qur’an.   The Qur’an is the text that is used in the Islam religion the Sunnah are the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad. It took Muhammad 23 years to finish the Qur’an and some later messages were replaced earlier ones (Fisher, 2005).
The reciting of the Qur’an is thought to bring soothing, and healing effect it can also thought to bring knowledge, protection and guidance (Fisher, 2005). The Qur’an has changed the...