World Religions Report

World Religions Report:

While concentrating the first week of class on what I wanted to gain studies wise I realized that there are a number of synagogues in my area. I quickly made the decision to study Judaism for my final. None the less the first week of class I searched for a synagogue that was rather close to my house. That is when it came to my attention that there is a synagogue located less than five miles down the street from me. I quickly jotted down the number and wrote Beth Jacob Congregation about it.
I went into this class not knowing a thing about Judaism. So when I made my first phone call to set up an interview with Rabbi Fox I did on my only day off of work, Saturday. I did not know that there was a day known as the Sabbath and that Jews do not answer the telephone on Saturdays. I found out real quickly that they are strong believers in their faith and follow all rules and laws. When I did make this phone call a young lady answered the phone at the Synagogue and she explained to me that I was unable to speak to Rabbi Fox because it was the Sabbath Day and on the Sabbath Day Jews do not answer the phone, clean, drive, or anything else of that nature. The young lady told me I could phone him on Monday and speak with him then and then followed up all the information by stating to me that she was not Jewish and that is why she answered the phone.
At this point in time I was completely curious as to know more about Judaism and could not wait to phone Rabbi Fox back on Monday. When Monday rolled around I woke up excited to get my interview set up. I did my usual morning routine and then followed up my routine by making the phone call. When Rabbi Fox got on the phone I all of a sudden lost my wording and I probably looked like a star struck young girl standing there with the phone up to my ear. I quickly got my composure and spoke with him about my class and explained my final project and how I needed to do an interview for my project....