Worl Religions Report

World Religions Report
Kit Vanden Heuvel
Harry Starr

    The Green Bay Community Church is a non-denominational church. The church was established in 1967 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, by four family members whose origin of religion was not disclosed. The Pastor serving at the time left in 1972 to do work in Dallas, Texas. By the year of 1983 the group had 40 members. The church grew by the year 1997 to be more than 1200 members and counting. The church is built on 31 acres of land. It is to be built into three phases and at this time they have completed expansion phase two of their plans. The central belief is based on Jesus and his sacrifice. Their dedication is in glorifying the name of the Lord and Jesus Christ. They believe this can be accomplished by the salvation of their souls and also teaching God’s Word. They teach the individuality of the Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The belief is that God is a person and has a personality. He is able to feel emotion, communicates through his word the Bible and is the creator of all things. They believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human. He gives people insight about what God is like. He is considered a great teacher and the one that and he is the way to gain life into heaven. They believe that the Holy Spirit is the personality of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. The Community Church wants you as a person to feel at home when attending the church. They want the church to be a place where you experience God in a meaningful way, are encouraged in your spiritual journey and experience growth as a person and in your services to others.
    When visiting the church, it is set in what looks to be at one time an open field. We winded down a long drive way that led us to a grand building. Once inside the lobby area, there were at least six doors that you could enter to get to the main auditorium. Once inside, the room had very high...