World Religion

World Religion
Frances A. Gaines
Hum 130
May 13, 2012
Roy Shaff

There are similarities between Buddhism and Christianity. In this research paper I will attempt to prove just that by reviewing a site visit that I took to the Tam Boa Temple. During this nine week course on World Religions we have studied many types of religions, read about them and compared them to each other. Our classroom discussions have brought a lot of interesting thoughts to mind, since we all don’t have the same beliefs. After reading about Buddhism, in our text it was not very hard to decide which religion I would explore. Besides it was the one “religion” that I knew the least about but was most curious about. I had never attended a Buddhist service.

Tam Boa Temple
The hardest part of this assignment was finding a temple near my location since there is none in the town where I live. So I enlisted the help of a friend who work at Louisiana State University. It took her less than five minutes to answer my request. I was referred to Abbot Thich Dao Quang, Thay, and Vietnamese for Teacher) he is the monk who leads the Sangha or meeting place. After a quick visit to the website I discovered that the Sangha was only a short distance away in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I also learned that there were several Sangha meetings but the English-speaking Sangha was held on Friday evenings. What also appealed to me was that the website stressed: “No experience is required to attend, nor are you required to forgo your own personal spiritual beliefs. As a practitioner of Mindfulness, all faiths, all races and all sentient beings are welcomed, valued and respected equally” (
I immediately called the Tam Boa Temple asking to speak to the “Thay” as soon as he answered I felt so at ease with speaking to him. His voice has such a calming effect. After introducing myself and telling him who referred me, I went on to explain my studies at University of Phoenix and...