World Order

Legal Studies: WORLD ORDER

“Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal system in implementing international agreements designed to promote world order”

How effective are the mechanism available to promote world order?

Issues: and talk about its EFFECTIVENESS!!! Positives and Negatives – EVALUATE!

    • Always answer the question and define world order
    • Link to the question/ use terms of the question

  1)   International Law

  2) Talks, persuasion, and negotiation to counter regional conflicts (Non – Legal Remedies)

    2) Sovereignty/ Consensual nature of International Law

  3) Treaties and conventions

  4) UN and the Security Council

  5) Peace keeping

  6) ICJ & War Tribunal (ad hoc)   & ICC   -

    7) NGO’s & Media

Intro   Outline
Use examples and laws for each remedy.

Hague Convention
International criminal court Pact of Paris 1928 Montevideo convention 1932 Vienna Convention examples and agreements
Online crime.
- Yugoslavia – NATO Kosovo – Afghanistan

Terrorism – balance of rights/ privacy   Tokyo and Hague Convention -aircaft
Hague Convention 1899,1907 – peace conference, Nuclear Non – Proliferation Treaty, Sept 11 Bali, Al Qaeda Jemaah Islamiah
This has caused hatred towards the USA and it leads to terrorism and deterioration in world order.

World Order is an ideal associated with peace, unity and stability. Traditionally, conflicts between states and guerrilla warfare were the issues that threatened world order. However, in an age of globalisation, as demonstrated by Sept 11, terrorism is now also a dire threat to world order. It is difficult to remedy terrorism but Australia has enacted the ASIO bill and The Security Legislation (Terrorism) Act 2002 in order to regulate terrorism by defining terrorism and terrorists acts. These acts give more power to the authorities and reduce individual rights to privacy. However, the effectiveness of these legislations is yet to be seen. But a...