Working with Teams

Working with Teams

Flora Thomas



Daisy D

Option 2
      I will be establishing a team to help resolve the problems that keep occurring in the     billing department. The problems are affecting the abilities of the billing department to submit the claims for doctor’s payment in a timely manor. It will be this team’s job to get in there and find out what is causing the problem. I have chosen the four people on my team by their knowledge of the company, their trustworthiness and their willingness to work well with their co-workers and bosses resolve conflicts in a timely manor. Now we have to put our heads together to come up with a plan. We need to make and establish everyone role in the problem solving process. A team works together and in order to be successful the team has to all be on the same page. Here are some suggestions for how we will solve the problems of the billing department issues. According to (Cheesebro, T., O’Connor, L., & Rios, F, (2010).” Effective teams must have the following:   clear goals, capable team members, commitment to excellence, outside recognition, and collaborative climates.

Communication Skills

Good communications skills are a must in teamwork. Effective communication works both ways we have to listen and be able to identify with our sender of all messages.   We must also be willing to give feedback as well as receive it. Good communication will help us to resolve this problem with ease.

Organization and Structure

I have recruited my team and they all have agreed to participate. Next is to make sure everyone has been trained on how to work with a team.   By you having the training it assure me that my team knows exactly what is to be done. I will assign a team leader, so if you have any problems or concerns your leader will be able to help you. Everyone has an important role in getting to the bottom of this problem. One person will talk to the people in the billing and find out what is...