Working in Teams

In this scenario there is significant lack of patient information and inaccurate coding, which in return the doctors pay is delayed.
    As the head of the billing department, I am implementing a process to solve problems regarding this situation. The current process and/or strategy is not working out and because of our productivity loss, there has been a team assembled to solve these problems. Our goal is to find where the errors are, and to make up for all of our loss revenue.
    Our first personal to be questioned would be in the front office, who would check in a patient upon arrival. After receiving the demographic page and insurance card, comparing the information on file is accurate and up to date is very important. Upon every visit, a copy of the insurance card should be made. Even if the patient had a visit only a few weeks ago, it is very important to continue this process in quality and make it a routine.
    When a patient is called to their examination room, a medical assistant will ask the reason for their visit. It is the medical assistant’s job to write down the signs and symptoms of the patient in the examination room. Their documentation is to be recorded and detailed properly on the patients face sheet. The department manager, or head of nurses, should look over all of the documentation before the documents are submitted to the billing department.
    This process starts with the original point of contact, which is our front office. This individual working in the front office must be detailed, very efficient and must not hesitate to ask questions. They must be the type that does not assume or “fill in the blanks.” They must be responsible and assertive, so that they are able to answer questions from the staff. This process will not work if we don’t have someone that fits these specifications to work in our front office and start the process the right way.
    Our team will have a variety of experience, skills and talents working with...