Working Parents

Parents: Balancing Work and Children
There are many different views and opinions about working parents but ultimately, all parents just want what's best for their children.   In "Diary of a Mad Blender," Sue Shellenbarger gave some helpful tips to parents about managing their time wisely.   I agree that parents should have a balance between work and family time; they should leave their work at work and family issues at home.   Sue Shellenbarger also suggested to use all time wisely and get tasks done while watching television.
In "Double Daddy," Penny Parker describes the "super mom" syndrome that has now switched genders, coercing fathers into being more involved in their children's lives.   Although this is a common problem in mothers, it is a different situation with fathers that most people are not used to.   Not only do single fathers feel the pressure to be apart of their childrens lives, but married fathers do now more than ever.   Some stay at home fathers have reprioritized their lives and are even willing to risk a stable income to spend more quality time with thier kids.   I disagree with their fears of losing time with their kids rather than having a stable income.   I think that their should be a balance but they should not risk the financial wellbeing of their family.
In "The Child's View of a Working Parent," Cora Daniels says that children don't mind having parents who work as long as their stress doesn't carry over into their family life.   However, children like when parents are available to stay home with them when they are sick, so flexibility with work is crucial.   She also said that the problems don't come up when they work, they just come up with the way they work.   2/3 of children worry about their parents safety or stress.   She said that kids think that parents are better "jugglers" when they are able to focus solely on their kids while at home.