Working Out Teen

I’ve always enjoyed working out; ever since I started working out I kind of just stuck with it. “Just do it” has always inspired me while working out, by motivating me to continue on, even when I hit muscle failure.

Working out has changed me physically and mentally. Physically it has allowed me to perform better in soccer games, because of the endurance working out has given me. Mentally it has built up my confidence as well as my self-esteem. I am now not afraid to take my shirt off while walking on the beach.

Even though a lot of people make too many excuses for not working out, everyone should. It not only keeps your body healthy by activity, but also allows one to maintain a healthier life style. Just play one hour a day or go on a walk; there are many things you can do to stay healthy but if you don’t do them you can only blame yourself later on in life. You can burn off extra calories that you’ve eaten and have more energy.
The way I stay in shape is by doing my two favorite workouts push-ups and pull-ups. When I do pull-ups my veins pop out ridiculously; which shows that all my upper body muscles are engaging. My second favorite is push-ups, which I do everyday so I can keep my pectoral muscles on point.

In conclusion everyone should have a motive to do some type of physical activity at least an hour a day. Statistically one third of US adults are obese and are having many problems. Some are developing heart disease, type II diabetes, and sometimes cancer. Nike says it best “Just do it”