Anaylsis of Story - Family

I Love You, Dad
Nick Curry III
Jack Canfield
Mark Victor Hansen
Kimberly Kirberger

I chose this story because I have gone through all the troubles of life, death, failure, pain, losing, hardship, but also all the positive attributes of life. I have grown the last couple years into a strong man, but with losing my mom my dad stepped up to take care of me. Dads play an important part in the development of their sons. The role of the father is, in fact, an important counterpart to the one played by the mother. Little boys look to their fathers for a representation of what 'manliness' means; this influence remains with them even as they grow up to become fathers themselves. I wanted to do this story because I want to thank my dad for what he has done for me in my life, taking care of me every day from all the ups and downs. Yes we have our arguments and tough times, but the things we go through together bring our relationship that much closer. He is my role model, my dad is a family man and wants to be involved in my life, but being a teenager I want to explore the world and do my own thing. Reading this story makes me fall back a bit because I feel like I could be wasting valuable time not spending it with my dad and always making my excuses not to be with him. Reading this story opened my eyes because my dad is the only thing I have to hold on that is sturdy. My family is my stool of three legs, if one falls we all fall, being with my dad through the tough times creates the relationship that I will hold closer. Holding this close to my heart is important to me because losing my grandma just a few days ago (November 3rd 2010) shows how fast life can be taken away from someone and if I procrastinate in the bonding with my dad I will feel guilty of not knowing him on that higher level in the future. I love my dad and he is my only parent, but he keeps my feet on the ground and this story shows me, my friends are there to support me, but my dad loves me....