Working Money

Checkpoint: Movie Summary (Rat Race)
Cherry Mc Knight
Joseph Signora

This movie is about six people trying to win the $2 million dollars.   Donald P. Sinclair has placed six gold coins in six different slot machines in the casino.   The six lucky people who find the coins will have an opportunity of a lifetime.   The six who are contestants one of them have a chance to win $2 million dollars, which is locked away in New Mexico.   The six contestants have to race each other to be the first to the cash.   There are no rules to follow, and however they get there it is totally up to them.   The first team was two brothers.   When the bothers could not catch a plane they planned to destroy an airplane control tower.   During their planning, the air balloon they were in catches a cow with a rope.   The second team was a mother and daughter that reunited, who struggle to get a business started.   They run into a squirrel- selling lady, and they stole a rocket car that was schedule for a race.   The third contestant was a Jewish family man who was on vacation with his family.   The wife is unaware of the race.   Him and his family stopped at a Barbie museum, and without knowing, it was Klaus Barbie Nazi Museum.   They stole the Hitler’s personal touring car to make an escape.   The narcoleptic Italian gets a ride with an ambulance driver, who was carrying a heart for a transplant.   However, the heart flew out the window, into the yard where a dog was.   Final contestant, a future lawyer.   He was not interested in the race until he met this woman who flies a helicopter.   He did not know that she was unbalance, flying over the boyfriend house every time she sees him in the pool with his ex-girlfriend