Working in Groups

Working in groups

A phrase that always comes out when working in groups is this, “Two heads are better than one.” I don’t know who made that phrase, but it is so true especially when doing a 30 to 40 pages research paper. It gets done faster with different idea and insights about how to get started and even ways of making it more fun. Working in groups gives everyone a chance to let their voice be heard, even the shy people can take part without saying one word, but with their body language, for example in a group discussion many might have different views and ways of how to get started, and in the end when choosing the final choice, the shy person might make eye contract or shake their head to say if they agree or disagree.
While reading through the handouts, the very first page quotes, “Groups work best if people know each others' names and a bit of their background and experience, especially those parts that are related to the task at hand”( Ellen Sarkisian). That’s the very first time I know in a group I have to know a little bit of my group member background and experience. When I’m in a group the most we do is say our names, sometimes we don’t even do that, we just say what we have to say and do our part. Well I guess that’s why most time my group could not get along, we don’t take the time to know one another and what we are good at and what we are not good at. Now I understand why so many group ends up getting a poor letter grade or the project becomes I total mess.
Also having a team leader is most times the best thing for the group, keeping track for all the assignments and helping one of the members understand what is expected of him or her. The group leader is also there to make sure that a positive attitude is being kept throughout the project. All differences are dealt with directly with the person or people involved (Ellen Sarkisian). A group should also have an assistant to the team leader since no one is perfect he or she should also have...