Group Presentation

We were grouped in fives and were given a topic and a handout covering the topic. Our topic was Reductionism and we were asked to include a definition of reductionism, an example of reductionist psychology, how the debates relates to the approaches in psychology and evaluation.
Members of my group were Amena, Charlotte, Kathrin, Sally. We were grouped in one of our lecture class and we decided to study the handout individually before our next meeting. On our second meeting, we decided that Charlotte will introduce our presentation, Amena presents the physiological reductionism, I present the biological reductionism, Kathrin to present the environmental while Sally to present the debates. We also decided to use game and handout as our method of presentation.
Owing to the fact that the topic handed to the group has not yet been taught in class, coming up with a good presentation became a major concern.
Things went quite well because by our next meeting,   every member of the group have had a better understanding of their responsibilities and came up with resources based on them. We also ended up using PowerPoint which was not planned.
One of the major factors that affected the presentation was insufficient time because there was other presentation on the same day as well as class essays which were due just a day before the presentation. Other class work suffered because we had to make time to put all the supporting materials together. One major help was the handout that was given to us. The handout covered everything that we needed to prepare our presentation thus reducing our time on research. There was also good and effective communication between the groups in and outside of class. Outside of class, we communicated with each other by emails and phone.
The presentation day was our last lecture before half term. We all sat in the lecture room as usual and our lecturer sat at the back of the class and watched each group give their presentations. Our lecturer...