5 Stages of Group Development and How Relationships Form



From: Dr. Outgoing Manager

Date: 09/06/2010

Re: Group Formation and Communication

I would like to welcome you to the organization and congratulate you on your new management position.   One of your responsibilities will be to introduce new employees to their teammates.   I have found the attached information on group formation and communication to be beneficial to me:
    • Five (5) stages of group development
    • How relationships form in groups
    • Barriers to group communication
    • Techniques to overcome barriers
    • Enhancing communication

I hope that you will find this information to be as valuable in helping you to work with groups and their communication as I have.   If I can be of any assistance to you as you are settling in, please feel free to contact me (555) 555-555.

Describe the 5 Stages of Group Development and How Relationships Form
According to Robbins and Judges, (2007) B.W. Tuckman developed the stages of group development, forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. The details of the steps are as follows:
  1. Forming: The group comes together for the first time. The group members start to know one another, and the members start to think and work as a group instead of as individuals. Because the group is just forming, a great deal of uncertainty may exist among the group members, especially if the individuals have not worked in a group setting previously.
  2. Storming: The storming stage can be considered chaotic, with resistance possibly occurring from members not having worked in a group previously, because they are used to working as individuals.   In this stage, members begin to jockey for the roles of leaders or followers.   Conflict is common in this stage. During this stage, the group’s hierarchy forms.
  3. Norming: In this stage, there is an agreement on how the group operates. This is also the stage when group members will form relationships with one...