Work in Partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People

Sarah Smith
Unit: CU2940
Work in Partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People
Understand Partnership Working
      1.1- Identify the features of effective partnership working
Partnership working is an agreement between two or more organisations or individuals to work together to improve a service or an individual’s life and situation. Working partnerships take on different forms depending on the needs and circumstances of the individual. Partnership working normally have agreements to ensure that they are working towards the same aims.
Normally everyone involved in the partnership group have reason to be in the group and have an understanding of what everyone can contribute to the working group and that respect and trust each member. All partners are working towards the same outcome and that the partners have an agreed ethos or system for working. The partners have agreed time scales to work within and to contact each other throughout the process.
Partnerships can be productive as it means that everything is shared so that one person is not responsible for everything. It also enhances the group as the group has access to wider range of ideas and sharing of information to achieve the outcomes required.
Partnerships are a positive way to work as they enable the group to share resources, responsibility and issues, problems and solutions. Partnership working also improves service delivery for the individual.
To ensure that the partnership is effective the group must plan, commit and be flexible in the way the group moves forward.
To ensure the partnership works effectively the following should be addressed:
  a. Communication- all partners are involved in the planning and ask everyone for ideas and feedback
  b. Group Decisions – all the group will submit ideas and the group should work through each one and agree the way forward.
  c. Together – once a course of action is agreed that all members are involved in carrying it out...