Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health Social Care or Childrens and Young Peoples Settings

CU1532 - Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social care or children’s and young people’s settings.

      1.1 Diversity means difference; even though people have lots of things in common with each other they are also different. Diversity is all about recognising and valuing those differences.

Equality means treating people in a way that is appropriate for their needs and also making sure people are treated fairly and given fair chances.

Inclusion means including everybody in all aspects of school life regardless of their age, gender, background, race or beliefs.

      1.2 The potential effects of discrimination can be different for different people. The effects can be physical or emotional but sometimes it can even be a combination of both Discriminating against somebody will not only affect the individual being left out of certain activities, marginalised or being avoided altogether it can affect their family and friends too.   Here are some examples of physical and emotional effects discrimination may have on an individual:-
  * Feeling isolated
  * Low self esteem
  * Depression
  * Fear of rejection
  * Stress
  * Low self-worth
  * Feeling withdrawn from society
  * Humiliation
  * Weight loss/ gain
  * Fear
  * Anger

      1.3 Inclusive practise ensures that everyone feels valued and has a sense of belonging. Inclusive practice also needs us to identify, understand and break down the barriers to participate and belong. It is important to recognise, accept and celebrate differences and similarities. By promoting inclusion it requires us to appreciate the barriers and work towards breaking them down, removing these barriers it allows all children and families to feel part of the setting regardless of their religion, gender or disability and it gives each child the same opportunities to achieve and flourish in their development and ensures that a diverse range of families get the same opportunities as each other...