Work Culture Reference

Work Culture References
University of Phoenix
MGT-521 Introduction to Business Management
July 3, 2013
Dr. Carmen Bonilla- Quianes

Work Culture References
Carrier Analysis Services located in the University of Phoenix page allowed completing a process that transcended to answer a series of questions that supported the activity in the Work Culture Results located on the page of the University. The results allowed us to assess whether the present work culture is ideal for the development of strategic and operational plans today. With this goal using the SWOT assessment tool to evaluate the strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats raising awareness in each and as current competencies resemble essential role performance.
    Work Culture Results summarized the three division’s Ethical analysis, Expert and Supportive. Knowledge of the work culture is important to know, to work according to it. The mission and vision of the organization contribute to know the purpose of the organization, short term goals and long term. The organizations have a desired description for each role and join them these skills and what is expected of each partner. For an associate or perform administrative strategic plans outlined the organization must know the company's organizational culture that will frame the values ​​and beliefs of the organization. The organizational culture will allow the manager to make strategic plans consonant with desired in the same way some organizational cultures are opportunities as well as disadvantages.
      We can mention some desired competencies using the SWOT. In the strengths we can mention positive labor environment and market knowledge in untrained managerial weaknesses and problems with the quality of work opportunities in the area of ​​regulations and need our factor product is finally mentioned what changes enumerated threats competition law and consolidated. Using the following information to compare the information shown in the...