Cherokee Indian Culture and United States Culture

There are many different cultures throughout the world. The two cultures that I chose to write about are the Cherokee Indians and the United States. I chose these cultures because I have personal connections with the Cherokee Indians and the United States.
      I believe the Cherokee Indians have a very interesting culture. Unlike the United States, children are treated differently from the time they are born. For example male infants were wrapped in cougar skins while females were wrapped in deer or bison skins. Also the babies were bathed everyday then they were rubbed down with bear fat. For the first year of their lives, infants spent most of their time bound to cradle boards. Infants were also allowed to nurse from their mothers for as long as they chose or until the mother become pregnant again.
    As infants grow into childhood their roles in their culture become more important. Children contributed to the work which had to be done by their families. They were an essential part of early Cherokee life, adored by everyone. The girls remained under the tutelage of their mother and her clan sisters, but the boys were taken in hand by the oldest uncle of the clan or clan group, who maintained a general oversight of the education of all the young men. Boys of about eight were expected with the clever use of the blowgun to bring in quail and rabbit to add to the family larder. His life was competitive. There were contests of archery, running, wrestling, weight-lifting, chunky, and ball play, with his 'uncle' insisting on both strength and courage.
      From childhood to their teens, women learn how to cook enough so that they could survive in the wilds, to work the animal hides and leather, and to make their own clothing and shoes. They also learn the rituals of "going to the water" and how not to offend the ever-present ghost-spirits. The boys learn how to make a canoe and a make-shift raft so that they could cross a river and how to become specialist in a...