Women Rights

Thong Truong
ESL 1450/ HUMA 1745
Professor’s name: Jill Lennox
May 17th, 2013

Women’s Right Revolution in Vietnam
In recent years, Vietnam has changed into a great economy and society. The role of women in the family and in society has been enhanced. Many women have become leaders of big companies as well as holding important positions in the government. However, an attitude still exists among many generations in Vietnamese society that women still have to handle all the housework. I appreciate the cultural values of my national traditions, but I do not like this attitude for three reasons. First, women have no opportunities for advancement at work. At the university in Vietnam, older women are really rare because they do not have time. My cousin who name is Dung. She is the director of a company that provides high-level personnel in Vietnam. Dung is a highly educated woman. She had at least four opportunities to go to foreign companies to cultivate business in the United States and Australia, but she could not go because no one could take care of her children as well as handle her housework. Dung is one of many women who have to skip a lot of opportunities for advancement at work. Second, women have no time to rest or relax. Vietnamese people have a habit of eating fresh food. They use very little frozen food, so women have to buy fresh groceries every day. They usually get up at 5 or 6 am to go to the market to buy food, take their children to school, and then go to work. In the afternoon, they pick up their children, go home, prepare meals for lunch, and go back to the office. Day after day, they have no free time. Women with a tight schedule are very common in Vietnam. They are so busy that they usually put the TV on in the kitchen or dining room to watch the news or movies during the dinner. Most Vietnamese women cannot read books, go to the theater, or join clubs. Although, they are very tired, they still try to keep their family happy. They have been...