Women in Combat

The Military absolutely should change its policy, by allowing women to take active combat roles. Many feel already that this change is much overdo. America’s women want to rise to the patriotic call that men have, but are held back by the Military. Women have a great need in Afghanistan and Iraq; also they have positive effects on the outcome of missions.
Discrimination floods America’s women as they ponder what could be, if allowed in Military combat. Some wonder why they are not allowed. This controversy had finally begun to be addressed. Women are currently taking on stronger roles in Afghanistan and Iraq. The effects are overwhelmingly positive. The culture of the women there is different then ours. Women are not allowed close interaction with men, have to cover their skin, and are belittled. The effect of that onto the Military is that the men are forbidden to speak with the women there. That factor can be damaging, so the American woman is stepping in. “ These female marines were critical to carrying out a counterinsurgency job no male Marine can do: winning over rural Afghan women, who for religious and cultural; reason cant interact with male troops. Afghan women exert a lot of influence in their communities, so gaining their goodwill can go a long way…” (The times: A few Good Women). Women are needed for critical encounters with citizens. They are needed in the Military. None-the-less a study is currently being conducted to see if women will prove beneficial. “ Women in the services actually found that a majority of focus group participants felt that women serving have had a positive impact on mission accomplishments.” (Military.com: Panel to recommend allowing women in combat). They have proved victorious. Their winning role in the outcome of missions cannot be denied. They improve the outcome of a vast number of important actions.
America needs to allow women into combat service. It has been proved extremely useful. To stop wasting time would be in...