Winterbourne View

On the 31/05/2011. The Panorama programme on BBC revealed abuse of patients by staff at the Winterbourne view hospital near Bristol.rhe building was subsequently closed and patients moved elsewhere. A serious case review ensued, and police launched a criminal investigation into the practises carried out at the hospital   which resulted in 11 criminal convictions . The Care Quality Commission carried out inspections at 150 other learning disability services across England.
The department of Health set up its own review to investigate failings and to see what lessons could be learnt to prevent further abuse.
Reports were published in June and December of 2012 by the CQC, NHS, Police and the Government.
These reports found that:
Patients were staying too long at Winterbourne and were becoming institutionalised, the average stay was 19 months and more than half of the patient’s families lived 40 miles or more away.
There was a high rate of physical restrain with over 500 reported cases in a fifteen month period.
Multiple agencies failed to pick up on warning signs, with 150 separate incidents including visits to A&E with injuries, police intervention and reports regarding safeguarding to the local council.
There was a lack of management structure, poor recruitment and training was minimal.
A closed and punitive culture had developed with families and other visitors being refused entry to the top floor and patient’s bedrooms, so there was little chance of people witnessing what was going on.

The reviews also exposed wider concerns about how people with Autism, learning disabilities, mental health conditions and challenging behaviours were also treated:
There were inappropriate placements. With people being placed in hospital and left for long periods without proper assessments.
Inappropriate care models. Too few people receiving personalised care.
Poor care standards. Too many examples of poor quality care and too much...