The Winterbourne


An undercover reporter went as a support worker into Winterbourne Hospital because a nurse had reported abuse going on both to his managers and the CQC and nothing had been done to stop it.   The reporter worked there for 5 weeks and saw what he described as “Horrific Abuse”.   He saw staff on many occasions slap, tease, poke and restrain the people they were caring for.   One lady with learning disabilities was restrained under a chair while the support worker sat on it watching TV because she had become “a handful” She had a bruise on her arm after which the support worker seemed to be proud of when telling the undercover reporter.   The same lady had water thrown over her while she was on the floor fully clothed by more than one support worker and then dragged into her room where more water was poured over her face from a flower vase that held flowers her parents had given her.   She was held down by two staff while another one forced medication in her mouth.   Most of this was witnessed by a charge nurse who wiped her mouth after the medication and left them all to carry on with the abuse. This seemed to be because she wouldn’t get ready for bed.   A male individual who had the mind of a 4year old, suffered a lot from these support workers, they teased him by taking away his drinks bottle that he carried around and threatened to throw it out the window.   He was also pushed and bodily held against a wall, pushed to the floor and restrained because he liked to say hello with a big hug.   Another of his punishments was to force him into the toilet because he had a fear of them, he could clearly be heard crying and getting very distressed and the abuser just carried on saying this was how people felt when he hugged them.   Patients were dragged out of bed when they didn’t want to get up.   When a patient got distressed and tried to jump out of windows they were told to find a window that they could actually open far enough to jump out.