Why You Shouldnt Drop Out of School

Almost 2500 teenagers drop out of high school each day without realizing the consequences of their decisions. While the decision might be feasible to you at that moment you still have to think about how much income you would be bringing in, the limitation of your career choices, and also the curtail of society. Just because things get tough,it doesn't mean that you should become detrimental of your future.
For the time being in this economy you need to think about how much income you would actually have coming in. According, to statistics dropouts tend to make less than 9,000 annually than most high school graduates and 35,00 annually than most college graduates. A drop is lucky to make that much because some just end up on the street begging for money. You might think now “that’s not going to be or I got a plan” question is have you thought your plan fully through? In this economy we live in now you have people competing for jobs, when does your “plan” come into action? How much money will you need to start up this plan? Where are you going to get the money from? Nobody will loan you money if you don’t have a prudent way of paying the money back.
Meanwhile, dropping out of school limits your career choices. Can you name one place that will hire someone without a   high school diploma or GED, where you don’t have to live check by check? In today’s economy you would have to work at least 2-3 at minimum to pay all your bills but, that doesn't include food and other expenses. Some might tell you that jobs don’t really check to see what kind of education you have. Think about it like this: if you had to hire someone would you go for the dropout with no experience at all or someone who majored in the career field? While, dropping out of school may be a good idea at the time you’re abstaining yourself from education and success in the future.
While,   the curtail of society jobless rates falling each and everyday. With no money or place of employment where would you...