All About Me

My life is a living hell, all I want to do is crawl up in a big hole and never come out.   I feel like know one really cares about what I'm going through.   I'm a 16 year girl struggling with finding who I really am, my mothr and father really don't show they care about me.   I go to school daily and get bad grades, I don't like the teachers and they don't like me.   Just recently I got my report card and I failed 4 classes, wow 4 classes, do I really care, NO I don't.   Whats the use it's to late now, I will not pass to the next grade, I want so bad to drop out of school put my so call parents want let me.   So I decide I will just sit and do nothing until I'm 18 and I will be grown and be able to make my own decision.   I have a best friend who is very smart and she tries to help me but I don't want help.   I want to feel love by my parents, so I act out this way thinking that I will get attention, that don't work.   All they do is cus me out like never before, my mom who's not a mother, she's cheating on my father, like I don't know.   My father who's afraid of my mother, he will never stand up to her, he just run and hide. What type of family do I have, please help because I'm so confuse.   I recently found someone who I can talk to and this person shows me that I can be something in life, I just got to try harder.   So today marks a new day for me I'm being to take by my life and move in a new direction and finish school so I can become a writter.   Now I realize that it's all about me.