Who It Otis Toole?

As I sit in the hairdressers thinking about how I am going to address my assignment for the week, I pondered over all the information that I have researched and how I would organize them to flow correctly.   Suddenly there was a commotion in the store; I turned around to see a Jason hitting his mother.   Of course, I heard the conversations prior to the commotion, but did not pay too much attention as I was not directly included; I was oblivious to how serious the situation had become.
It started off early in the morning when Jason asked for some money for school, Jason’s mother told him that he was not behaving so he would not get anything extra that day.   Jason stormed off, picked up her coat to search the pockets, she told him she had no money in the coat; he stormed out of the house and was gone.   Some time later, when Jason’s mother was ready to leave home, she began looking for her coat; she spent all day looking for her coat without success.   When Jason came home from school, his mother asked him for the coat, he refused to tell her where the coat was, but kept saying he did not have it.
Jason’s mother decided to drop the questioning asking that when he got home he should give her back her coat, and instructed him to go and do his homework.   A few minutes later, she reminded him that he needed to get his homework done before he could play and he threw down the book stood face to face with his mother huffing and panting and began to hit her, she was amazed at his actions and with that attempted to hold his hands, he continued to flare up and was now becoming uncontrollable, a couple of the stylists in the shop went to assist her by holding his hands and telling him to calm him down.
Jason’s mother was extremely upset not knowing what to do, she called the police; she had had enough of his behavior and was now concerned for her safety.   Jason is 10 years old.
The police came and spoke to him; he behaved in the same manner with the police, not caring that...