Why the American Colonists Are Wrong

If I could change one thing (in the history) (of Europe’s colonization) (of America), I would change how the hypocrite colonists treated the Indians (for the better).

(Of the multiple reasons), one reason is the fact that, while the colonists didn’t put the natives (in extermination camps), the things they did (to the Indians) multiple times, were not a lot better. Some examples (of awful things) the colonists did include the time they made thousands (of Indians) walk all the way (to a reservation), resulting (in many deaths), and (for a short while), making Indians their slaves.

There was plenty (of fighting), between the Indians and colonists. Many lives could have been saved if the colonists had lived peacefully (with the Indians), and not confined them (to reservations). Tramping through Indian territory (without regard) (to the inhabitants) didn’t help either.

The Europeans were also hypocrites. You would think that being desperate enough (for freedom) (to sail) somewhere far away,   (without a clue) where you’re going would make you not want (to inflict) the same (on others), but that obviously wasn’t the case (with these people). Many or all (of the colonists) also didn’t like the way their kingdoms were, but they weren’t really any better (to the Indians).

Another reason is that a lot (of colonists) weren’t very grateful (for the help) they got (from the Indians). Having dinner (with the Indians) then later slaughtering them and setting fire (to their camp) isn’t really a good way (to show) your gratitude, especially since, if it weren’t (for some) (of the Indians), there might not be an America, or (at least) a USA. (Before the Indians) helped the colonists, there had been many failed colonies, and the surviving ones were not far from starvation. Because the winner(s) (of war) and their descendents write the histories (of the battles), and because the colonists conquered America, there are countless stories portraying colonists and frontier men...