The American Repulic

The American Republic in 1787 was the result of many historical events.   The process started when the colonists in North America broke free from the British Empire to found the United States of America. The first English colony was founded in Jamestown Virginia in 1607. The colony was a deathtrap, every summer the river became contaminated around Jamestown and sent out killing waves of dysentery, typhoid fever, and malaria. Things were very hard that first year and only 38 of the 104 survived. Over time more settlers came and they began to prosper.
The House of Burgesses was the first governing legislature that started by Jamestown colonists in 1619.   It first met as a one-house assembly in Virginia with a Governor, Sir George Yeardley, four members of the council, and two burgesses from each of the boroughs. They met to preserve the same rights as the residents of Britain for Virginia's freeholders, the white male property holders. The house determined the eligibility of its own members, passed local laws, carried out the provisions of the governor and the charter, and regulated taxes.
Then in 1620, the Mayflower compact was written. The Mayflower compact was the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony. It was written by the Colonists, later known as the pilgrims, who had crossed the Atlantic to come to the New World; America. The compact was signed by 41 of the one hundred passengers aboard the ship. Almost half of the colonist that traveled on the Mayflower was part of a separatist group seeking the freedom to practice Christianity. The Mayflower Compact was based simultaneously upon a majoritarian model (even though the signers were not in the majority) and the settlers' allegiance to the king. It was in essence a social contract in which the settlers consented to follow the compact's rules and regulations for the sake of survival.
In 1639, a group of Puritans drafted a constitution affirming their faith in God and their intention to organize a...