Division Among England and American Colonist


Division Among England and   The American Colonists

February 1, 2010

      The Seven Years’ War brought much controversy as well as a division between colonies. There were several factors in the economy and in the social events that causes a contribution to the Revolutionary in addition.
      The British won a war against France and obtain much of their former territory in North America. The gain access to the land it causes economical and political issues. The Parliament wanted to tight control over the affairs in the colonies.   The Benjamin Franklin interprets the actions of the Britain’s as a calculation to deprive the colonist from their prosperity and from their independence. It was a difficulty task for poor colonist to maintain the calm and to follow the rules of the authority.   The ordinary colonist invokes the language and the idea of urban radicals when resisting large landowners and distant colonial government domain by seaboard elite (Boyer et al., 2008).
      The British Empire cause a constructional crisis, but it reflect democratic stirring in America and in the Atlantic world in general.   They generated their expression in a peaceful manner. Despite of how the colonist generated their expression Anglo American lost their lives in the war. Which at the end were not sure if they wanted to serve in their political relationship?   Another social event that helps to the division of the colonies was the war for the Ohio valley. British influence over the Indians to drive out the traders. This causes the French to begin building a chain of forts in the Ohio country (Boyer et al., 2008). The Iroquois and most of the population of the Ohio Indians were angry at the French for the way they had been treating them and also because they have the sensation that the French were gaining too decisive an advantage in the which they reunited for a conference were a dramatically decision was...