Why Jrotc Differs from My Other Subjects

Megan Moreno  
5th Period
October 8, 2010


JROTC, the greatest program a school could ever have.   JROTC is the pride of Sam Rayburn High school.   Ever since I was ten years old I wanted to join a Pasadena school ROTC program.   How JROTC differs from my other high school courses is quite simple.   First Sergeant, Sergeant, Colonel, and my peers all motivate me to do the best.     To strive for the best and to be the best at JROTC.

The people who run the ROTC program treat me with respect, like an adult. Not only does it motivate me to be great in my ROTC class, but it makes me want to be meek- ful and hard working in my other classes as well.   Being in ROTC makes me feel like I’m doing my part to help the school and my country be a better place.   ROTC differs from my other high school courses because I’m doing things that just don’t benefit myself, but it benefits other people.

I asked a lot of my friends why they didn’t join ROTC and they said because its to hard.   Well, they’re right it is hard, but rewarding.   All those days of staying after school for color guard and going to all the football games for flag detail I got two awesome cords, two ribbons, and an ark,   just the beginning of my “fruit salad”.     Being In ROTC makes me feel proud to be a Sam Rayburn Texan.   That’s why I think JROTC is different   from my other courses.