Why It Is Important to Ensure Children and Young People Are Procteted from Harm in the Work Setting

Section 1

There are many different types of bulling, these consist of the following…

.Verbal – Someone being called name and or threatened
.Physical – Being pushed, hit, aggressive contact
.Social – Left out of games, ignored, talked about, made to feel an outsider

Children tend to feel anxious and worried when bullied, the victim will feel intimidated and nerves, this can affect reduced learning when in school or nursery. If a young person does not feel safe they will find it difficult to focus on school work and even normal home life will find will be effected, there behavior can change, they can become very withdrawn in to them self’s or even show angry towards those close to them.
Bullying can lead to serious emotional consequences, in some extreme cases where not dealt with correctly can lead to depression or even attempted suicide.
There self esteem is likely to be lower and the victim is left feeling worse about them self’s.
People who have been bullied can find it harder to make new friendships as its having to put there trust into someone new.

Section 2
We have many policies and procedure at seagulls relating to bulling these consist of ….
.We take hurtful behavior very seriously, most children will be hurt or say something hurtful to another child especially if there emotions are high at the time.
.We take bullying very seriously, bullying involves the persistent physical or verbal abuse of another child or children. It is characterized by intent to hurt. Often planned and accompanied by an awareness of the impact of the bullying behavior.
.We recognise that young children behave in a hurtful way towards others because they have not yet developed the means to manager intense feelings that sometimes overwhelm them.
.We recognise that teasing and rough and tumble play are normal for young children and acceptable within limits.

These policies and procedures are all put in place to make staff members and cares a wear of bullying...