Understand Importance of Ensuring Children and Young Peoples Safety and Portection in the Work Setting

3.2   An explanation of policies and procedures that are in place to protect children and young people and adults who work with them
Policies and procedures are in place in settings to protect children and young people as well as adults who work with them.   It is important that all professionals follow safe working practices to ensure that children are protected but to also protect themselves. For example personal care, changing nappies or taking a child to the toilet should never be done in a closed room.   Parents should give permission when photographs are taken of their child.   Parents are not allowed in my setting to take photographs or videos of other children. Risk assessments are carried out daily a camera is at entrance and a buzzer system allows parents into the buiding,
Listening to a child or young person in a calm and supportive manner which will allows them to talk freely and openly is important. It is also imperative that they are reassured about telling someone and how hard it must have been for them. Also when the disclosure has been made and the child is calmed and secure, the employee or adult should inform the designated safeguarding officer, relevant notes should be written down in the child’s own words including names that were mentioned, time and place of disclosure and place and background of the disclosure.
Parents need to know who are looking after their child and the main areas of gaining trust   is by having a CRB enhance disclosure completed so every staff should be CRB check and no other person should be left alone with children who do not have this check.   Your own behaviour and being a good role model gains children’s trust.