Why Is It Important to Establish and Agree Respective Roles and Responsibilities with Other Professionals

K4M757 Why is it important to establish and agree respective roles and responsibilities with other professionals
At the first meeting with other professionals everyone including myself will introduce themselves telling everyone where they are from and their job roles and responsibilities. If my roles and responsibilities aren’t defined when working with other professionals a lack of understanding about what is expected of me and problems may arise. It is extremely important to know where your roles lie with external professionals in order to be able to access any help and advice I may need to enable everyone to be working towards a common objective. Everyone wants the best outcome for the child. Regular meetings are held with other professionals so that everyone is kept up to date on information

K4C758 Why is it important to agree common objectives, ways of working and communicating with other professionals
In order to work together everyone must agree to have common objectives.
Each of us has different expectations. Depending on experience, knowledge, personal situation and amount of responsibility placed in the role, patience and the ability to compromise are key aspects of building any working relationship.

Good ways to communicate are to take turns to speak and listen to what each other has to say. It is important to listen to what others say and not to just ignore their ideas as they may be helpful to the child. It is important to agree on a time and place that will work well with myself and the other professional. It is important to make sure that we both have enough time to discuss every matter. If I was to be in a rush and have to be back in my room by a certain time then I wouldn’t be able to concentrate properly and wouldn’t be focused on the right matter.
It is important to be in a good venue for the meeting as it is confidentially so we would need to be somewhere that no one would be able to listen to what was being said.

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