Tda 3.2 Unit 2

Many people are involved in enabling a school to run successfully Starting with school governors whose role is to be a critical friend to the school and they form The Governing Body.   They should be united around a common vision arrived at with head and staff and they decide what they want the school to achieve, and make plans to get there. They help to set and keep under review the policies that provide a broad framework within which the head teacher and staff should run the school also ensuring that all those who have an interest in the success of the school contribute when the values and aims are being agreed.
Other roles of the governing body include:
• An active involvement in the creation of the school development/improvement plan (SDP/SIP).
• focusing on raising standards of achievement.
• establishing high expectations and promotes effective teaching and learning, so that pupils achieve to their potential.
• setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-related (SMART) targets for pupil achievement.
• agreeing indicators by which it will measure aspects of the school’s effectiveness.
• ensuring that there are systems in place to check that progress is being made towards targets and that evidence is gathered; use that evidence to review overall progress against targets, to see whether policies and practice are effective, and to check on their school’s achievements and progress over time and in comparison with similar schools.
• Making sure that the budget plan addresses the priorities identified.
• exploring and defining the respective roles and responsibilities of the governing body and the head teacher. Taking advice from the head teacher before making decisions.
• agreeing and implementing terms of reference and working procedures for all committees and working groups. Reviewing these terms of reference annually.
• having clearly focused meetings which, through effective chairing, make effective use of time and enable...