Why Are Snow Leopards Endangered?

Have you ever seen a snow leopard ?   Snow Leopards are one of the most beautiful and

mystical wild cats. They have a proud bearing and people are drawn to their unusual white/gray

color. Snow leopards are also very elusive and few people have seen them in the wild. They are

rare and endangered and live in some of the most extreme high altitude and cold climate on

It is a sad fact that the biggest threat to snow leopards are humans. Humans have hunted

them for their fur and their bones; fur to wear as coats and hats, and bones to be used in

traditional medicines. They have also destroyed snow leopard habitat and food sources by killing

the prey animals they need to feed on. When the natural wild prey animals are not available snow

leopards will often kill and eat domestic livestock like sheep and goats belonging to villagers

they share the mountains with.

The second reason why snow leopards are endangered is the global warming   . As climate

change causes temperatures to ruse, snow lines are receding, which means that snow leopards

must move further up the mountain slopes as well. While they get higher ,the vegetation

becomes more few, which means that the herbivores that they prey on are in limited supply as

well, and the leopards are having trouble finding enough food.

In conclusion, snow leopards has been listed as an endangered species for so many

reasons , Two important causes of it are hunting and global warming. In my opinion, people

should help out rescue groups who are trying to save these animals .I hope everyone read and

spread the world about these beautiful animals with their unusual light green eyes because

knowledge is always important .