Vet It Assignment

ICAU2005B Operate computer hardware (Complete and Email by 19/5/10)

Task 1: Identify and use workplace computer hardware


|Welcome to Diggit Engineering. We provide technical, engineering and construction services to the mining industry in the Asia-Pacific.   |
|Your position is officially designated as an Office Assistant, but your role will likely include other activities as required. As a       |
|result of expansion efforts, we need to distribute our staff across three offices — Sydney, Newcastle and Perth. You will be starting as |
|a new employee at the Newcastle office.                                                                                                   |

1. Identify and use workplace computer hardware

Question Sheet
Name the ports indicated (A – H) in the diagram below.

|A:   Ps/2 Mouse                                                   |E:   Printer Port                                                 |
|B:   Ps/2 Keyboard                                               |F:   VGA port                                                     |
|C:   USB Port                                                     |G:   Ethernet port                                                 |
|D:   Serial port                                                 |H:   Speaker port                                                 |

2. Name four typical input devices: Keyboards, Mouse, scanner and webcam

3. Name four typical output devices: Monitor, Printer, Speaker and Headphones

4. How much information can be stored on a CD-ROM disk? Can store up to 700mb

5. Which CPU chips (manufacturer and family) have dominated the personal computer market in the last five years? Intel CPU Chips

6. What are the current versions of the following operating systems?
        • Microsoft Windows for the desktop PC Windows 7
        • Apple Macintosh Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2
        • A Linux-based machine Chrome OS Version 2.6.34