Why Am I Running?

Life is like a race filled with many obstacles. This race may have hurtles to jump, hills to climb, and puddles to slow you down. In this life, the fastest runner isn’t always the winner; you have to pace yourself and stay focused. Establish a goal, and never lose sight of it. Stay in the race even when you feel like you’re the only one still running. Everyone who starts out at the beginning won’t make it to the finish line.
This life/race is populated with different runners. There are those that are not going anywhere and will soon be sitting on the sideline, watching others go on. There are those that are running because they fear being left behind and want to be seen as someone who is going somewhere—the “fake it till you make it” ones— who may never make it. There are those who focus on hindering others: the ones that don’t believe in themselves so they try to stop others from reaching their goals. Then there are the privileged ones with a purpose: the ones who have a goal in mind and are determined to reach it.
I consider myself to be one of few the few privileged ones. My goal is to graduate from the U of M in four years, go to graduate school, and get my PhD in Psychology. The plan is to only take the classes necessary for my career and to do all I need to and more to excel in those classes. I’m ready, my goal is set, plan in motion, and I’m on my way. Not the fastest or the slowest runner, but I’m doing my best to take life one step at a time.
Sometimes I fall down and it feels like I’ll never get back on my feet, but failure is not an option.   Anyone can have goals and make plans, but those who accomplish their goals are the true winners.