Run Lola Run

"Take a deep breath and hold it for 81 minutes. You are about to be dazzled by Tom Tykwer's inventive, exhilarating and pulsating Run Lola Run, an original work that is as fresh as diving into a tropical waterfall with enough energy to make glass shatter. It's as vibrant, unexpected and as unpredictable as life itself: a rollercoaster on a time fuse that combines imaginative cinematic techniques with playful creativity. It's a cartoon-style tale that explores chance, coincidence and circumstance at a frenetic pace that's way over the speed limit, leaving you reeling with delight. Twyker's concept, brilliant execution and thrilling soundtrack is surely one of the most electrifying movie experiences of the year.”
-Louise Keller
"Wow. How often does a feeling of exhilaration grab you in the first minute of a film and stay with you until the last? That's the effect of this stunner by director Tom Tykwer who gives new meaning to the term kinetic cinema. That he does it by playing out the possibilities of a twenty minute scenario three times is even more impressive because he's taken the traditional device of compressing days, weeks and even years into 90 minutes and turned it on its head. It's an almost interactive experience as we're invited to study the minute details of Lola's sprint to Manni's phone box and predict what might happen with the slightest differences in timing next time around and there's much more to be intrigued by than simply whether or not she'll make the rendezvous. Lola's life and the destinies of everyone she encounters can be dramatically affected by the smallest margins. Some of the many sideline pleasures in this mad dash, are rapid-fire snapshots of what becomes of the bit players Lola passes on the way. An enormous amount of information is crammed into 81 pulse-pounding minutes, all of it driven along by a thumping electronic soundtrack (Tykwer was one of the composers and Potente supplies vocals on several tracks), made even more dazzling...